Hosted by Roy Foreman, this series will include a pre-fight press conference, a silent auction of Sports Collectables, Musical Performances, and Celebrity Integration providing unlimited “Instagram” worthy moments!

This event will inaugurate a monthly series showcasing boxing’s established and rising stars featuring an eight {8} fight card of 4-to-8 rounds slated for a Late Fall execution. This proposal provides a description of various designations and available assets. We embed your brand in multiple creative activations throughout these events to increase your brand exposure. On the backdrop at the Weigh-In, at the VIP Reception, and possibly in the center of the ring.

Click Here to view and download the Media Kit.
Click Here to view and download the Sponsorship Kit.

Premier Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
Where: Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton, VA
Supporting: Youth Boxing Programs, USA Boxing

Prospective Fight Card:
1. Abimbola Osundairo
Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria
US Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
ABF light heavy weight champion. 8-12 rounds -Our potential main event

2. Jerick Padsing
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
US Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
4-6 rounds

There will be 6 other matches ranging from 4-8 rounds on the fight card with match-ups announced on social media as part of our marketing campaign.

This proposal provides a description of various designations and benefits. All sponsorship levels are customizable to feature the assets that support your brand. Many creative activations are available throughout this event to increase your brand’s corporate exposure. The Foreman Family Celebrity Fight Night is an event with prominent stars and selfie-worthy moments!

This premier event will launch the program has six (6) events annually for the next three (3) years, building the audience with each event and providing for brand affiliation continuity.


Ad time available during the 3-hour total event time streamed and 1 hr. broadcast on regional and associated networks. Digitally streamed live on selected outlets. The Foreman Celebrity Fight Night works diligently to deliver maximum social and traditional media exposure for its partners. A partial list of media outlets is available upon request.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are seeking partners at various levels and for different activations. Please see the attached PDF deck for a complete list of assets and media available. Custom packages created based on your needs.

    • Title Partner
    • Weigh-In VIP Reception Sponsor
    • Post-Fight Party
    • Ring Girls
    • Hotel Sponsor
    • VIP Limousine/Car Service Sponsor (In-Kind)
    • Flowers Sponsor (In-Kind)

Categories of Interest

Alcohol – Beer/Wine/Hard Cider/Spirits, Automobile, Auto Aftermarket, Bottled Water, Convention & Visitors, Cigars, Credit Cand, Dental, Delivery, Energy Bar, Energy/Sports Drinks, Casino/Gambling, Health & Wellness, Hotel, Hydration Products, Insurance. Male Grooming Products, Military, Media, Meal Delivery, Mobile Payment, Nutritional Supplement, Plant-based products, Snacks, Streaming TV Services, Wearable Technology, Telemedicine, Telecommunication, Virtual Reality

Unique Visibility Presence for Brand

On-site Enhancements (Activations)

    • VIP Red-Carpet Entry with Step & Repeat Backdrop
    • Celebrity Influencer Fighters like Manny Pacquiao, Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, George Foreman
    • Ultra Lounge VIP Seating Area
    • Ad in Souvenir Program
    • Live On-Air Drops
    • Banners and indoor signage
    • Internet & Website Presence
    • Merchandise Opportunities
    • Charity Affiliations
    • Round Cards
    • Ring Mat Signage – Ring Mat, Ring Corner Pads, Bumpers, Rope Separation, Round Cards, Lighting Truss Banner, Press Conference, Microphone Flags, Big Screens
    • Brand opportunity at Post-Fight Party

Content Distribution

    • Influencers/Social Media
    • TBA sites & social channels
    • ForeVision TV (See Appendix)

Asset Inventory

Instead of pre-packaged offers, we customize a package of assets to meet your brand objectives. Select the top assets you are interested in.

    • Red-Carpet Backdrop
    • Official Program
    • Live On-Air Drops
    • Brand Opportunity at Press Conf / Weigh-In
    • Logos on Posters & Flyers
    • Radio and Live Mentions
    • Banners and Signage
    • Internet & Website Presence
    • Merchandise Opportunities
    • Charity Affiliations
    • Brand opportunity at
      Post-Fight Party

Ring and Venue Signage

    • Center Ring Mat Position
    • Secondary Ring Mat Position* (6 Locations)
    • Two (2) Neutral Corner Ring Mat Positions
    • Two (2) Fighter Corner Ring Mat Positions
    • Two (2) 900 Vertical Ring Mat Positions
    • Ring Apron
    • Corner Pads/ Bumper Cushions
    • Two (2) Fighter Corner Pads
    • Two (2) Neutral Fighter Corner
    • Four (4) Ring Bumper Cushions
    • Four (4) Rope
    • Ring Cards (Between each round)
    • Ring Girl Apparel Branding
    • Official Equipment
    • Fighter robes
    • Event shirts & Apparel
    • Ring cushion
    • Winner prizes
    • Lighting Truss Signage
    • 6′ H x 5′ W Lighting Truss Banner

Value-added Sponsorship Program

    • Step and Repeat Backdrops
    • Time Clock Vision Broadcast
    • Commercial Broadcast TV & Live Stream
    • Event Live Streamed for 6 hrs, 3 hrs Of Live Network TV
    • 48 mins of total Commercial Advertising Spots Available
    • 15/30/60 Sec Commercial Airtime Options
    • Cross-Platform Media Package-customized for your Brand
    • Bravada and Roy Foreman Website and Social Posts
    • Cross Promote on Fighter and Influencer Social Platforms
    • Additional Live Stream Naming Rights – Knockout of the Night
    • Fighter Appearances
    • VIP Meet and Greet Reception
    • On Site Opportunities
    • Backstage/Green Room
    • Fighter Arrival, Press Room & Press Conference
    • Brand Integration
    • Signed Autographs/Selfie Moments
    • Preferred Pricing Hotel Room Rates
    • Customized activation based on brand local marketing efforts
    • Sales promotion program using the event as a consumer or trade incentive

VIP Experience

    • Exclusive Meet & Greet after Weigh-In with Selfie Moments
    • Swag Bag (keepsakes, program, etc.)
    • Commem

Celebrity Influencer Brand Inclusions

    • Signage opportunities throughout the venue {where allowable}
    • Right to set up multiple fan interaction sites
    • Sampling / Surveys / Loyalty Rewards
    • Access to all pre- and post-fight hospitality
    • Rights to create unique on-site experiences
    • In-ring photo opportunities
    • B2B Opportunities with partners
    • Prominent in-ring branding
    • In-arena announcements and promotional call-outs
    • Spots in the venue and ribbon boards


The audience for live event boxing is generally 65% male, 80.54% are between 18-45. Most (70%) have longtime loyal (10+ year) interest in boxing, including watching boxing on tv, attending boxing events and shows, and buying boxing related products in the last year.

Boxing is an essential programming major networks and a proven vehicle for subscription and pay TV. Premium networks, including Showtime, use Boxing as core programming, and their highest rated programs. Boxing drives PPV. The top ten PPVs involve boxing. Interest in Boxing is at an all-time high. CBS and Showtime paid $300MM for 6 fights to pry Floyd Mayweather from HBO. Boxing shows are popping up all over US TV. Even major networks are getting into it. Boxing is a cost-effective marketing tool for casinos.

Roy Foreman Celebrity Fight Nights Boxing Stats


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