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March 29, 2017
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This past Friday, March 24th, the Rumble in Humble promoted by RTS Boxing, produced by RoRo Productions and matchmaker Ms. Lynn Collins  delivered non-stop action from the opening bout through the Main Event of the night, in front of a standing room only audience.  In the main event, Alfonso “El Tigre” Lopez battled against an extremely durable and upset minded Colby Courter, of St. Joseph, Missouri.  Also known as the “Fighting Pride of Sam Houston State University”, Lopez was immediately in a fight from the opening bell.  Courter, mostly known for pulling off upsets against great fighters, attacked from the opening bell and never took a step back.  Lopez with his range, footwork and precision counter-punching, landed thunderous shots that drove the crowd into a frenzy.  In the second round, Courter continued to press the action, but to no avail.  Lopez continued to counter with punishing jabs and snapping his opponents head back with lead rights.  In the third round, Lopez went on the offensive and began his role as the aggressor for the first time in the bout.  Towards the end of the third round, Lopez landed a hard left hook that sent his opponent to the canvas as Courter managed to beat the count.  Sensing the end, “El Tigre” pounced on his opponent with relentless non-stop punching that kept his opponent in the corner, as his head snapped back and forth violently from the onslaught, sending his opponent to the canvas for the final time.  Referee Gary Simons then stepped in to immediately halt the action just before the bell that would have ended the third round, before the raucous crowd.  With this win, Alfonso Lopez stated afterwards, “I look to continue my quest to the top of the Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions.  I would like to thank the hundreds of people who came out to support me, my sponsors and the faculty, staff and students of Sam Houston State University.  Eat em up Kats!”


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