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September 12, 2023
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5/12/2014:John Harvey, MS, ATC, LAT – Head Athletic Director, Department of Athletics at Texas Southern University
Wendy Oxenhorn – National Jazz Association
5/8/2014:Ray Schackelford – Agent Attorney
5/7/2014:Kyle Doty – NFL Draft Expert
5/6/2014:Kyle Doty (second interview)
5/2/2014:Jackie Frazier-Lyde – First Female boxing Champion and first Female inducted into Penn. Boxing Hall of Fame
5/1/2014:Michael Henderson  Grammy Award singer
4/29/2014:Dr. James Douglas- Dean of Law school at Texas Southern University and NAACP president
Dr. John Carlos -1968 Olympic Medalist and Author
4/28/2014:Henry Tillman (1984 Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medal winner)
4/17/2014:Vernon Dean (Former NFL player & Super Bowl Champion of the Washington Football Team
4/16/2014:Ray Halbritter (Oneida Indian Nation Representative & leader of the National Change the Mascot campaign)
Archie Bell (R & B Singer) and Roy W. Smith (Horse Racer, Breeder, Attorney and Judge)
4/15/2014:George Foreman
Baseball Historian Bob Allen
4/14/2014:Sugar Ray Leonard and R&B Singer Glen Jones and Boxing Writer Rob Scott
Football Analyst Leonard Moon
4/11/2014:Larry Holmes & Nene Leaks star of Real Housewives of Atlanta
4/10/2014:Don King & former NBA All Star Steve Frances
4/8/2014:Evander Holyfield
David Lattin-1966 NCAA Basketball Champion
4/7/2014:Thomas Hearns
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