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October 25, 2022
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Congratulations to both the American League baseball champion Houston Astros as well as the National League kingpin Philadelphia Phillies that have earned their way as participants in the 2022 World Series. Once we were rendered the finalist from both leagues, it immediately carried me back to the last time that these two clubs met in the postseason in dramatic fashion. The year was 1980, fifteen years from the inception of perhaps the most brilliant architecture of the 20th Century. The venue was the Astrodome (8th Wonder of the World), the occasion was the National League Championship Series (Houston’s first ever), the teams Houston Astros vs the veteran and savvy Philadelphia Phillies.

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By Lenny Moon
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Roy Foreman - J,R. Richard pitched for the Astros from 1969-1980

J,R. Richard pitched for the Astros from 1969-1980


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