March 3, 2015
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No draws, No losses, No disqualifications

As I step into the ring, I know my Covering.

Because before I know it, Round 1 will be done and Round 4,

I’ll be asking for more.

Looking for another scout to knock out.

The power is in my hand but the promises are in my reach.

So I have to stretch in order to claim that which I preach.

I am not a bleeder cause my Redeemer died on the cross and shed blood with the determination to be my Keeper.

No matter how many times I go down my trinity combination is sweeter.

1 for the Father, 2 for the Son, and 3 for the Holy Spirit.

So nothing left for my opponent to do but to be a standing 8 count.

Consumed with so much doubt cause he didn’t have the confidence that he would win this bout.

Failing to realize the confidence is neither in the jab nor the uppercut but in my Judge, who make righteous decisions, removing the heavy weight, middle weight, and the light weight.

Because He is my Eternal mouthpiece and stands in a neutral corner waiting for me to do the footwork and recognize He is my Ultimate Promoter.

The King but not Don.

Saved by the bell, No, Saved from hell.

Enlarging my territory, He is the Fore-man of the Holy-field and an Ali, and provides the Sugar Rays I need, so I don’t end in a Ty-Son surpassing even the Jones’ who Hop-kins no matter what May-weather the storm.

I had to take heed to the cautions cause after the warning.

I just want to weave to see His renewed mercies in the new dawning.

His angels protect me and do the blocking so I can break free and clinch to the frankincense of sweet science.

Adding to my record that has nothing to do with violence and everything to do with Faith and patience.

Leaving people asking have you ever been K.O.’ed?

Answer is, I am Kingdom Owned not Knocked Out and my Manager says

Victory is mine, so why should I wait when I know it’s on the way.


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