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January 28, 2014
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Beat the Blues
by Barry Sea Siegel

Beat the Blues is an instructional manual and tool kit that provides a sound recipe to increase productivity and improve lives. Barry Sea Siegel has gathered some of the finest success achievement principles formulated over the past four thousand years, updated them to include computer terminology, generated his own original theories, and added the unusual element of blues music.

Beat the Blues provides a soundtrack of original music with specific lyrics created to help us learn and remember the lucky seven components of the program, while reprogramming a section of our subconscious minds Siegel metaphorically identifies as the success GPS.

The process of reading the book, filling out the forms in the First Will and Testament of the appendix, and listening to the music is enjoyable and uplifting. More importantly, it may just help us identify purposeful goals and map out the most efficient route to achieve them. CLICK HERE TO BUY


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