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January 11, 2023
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An Outsider’s view of the now departed Deion Sanders impact on HBCU Football



An Outsider’s view of the now departed Deion Sanders impact on HBCU Football
1/11/20230 Comments

By Lenny Moon

As a slight disclaimer, the following perspective comes from not directly covering the collegiate coaching career of Deion Luwynn Sanders (aka Coach Prime) but merely from the sidelines since his arrival. Covering Historical Black College football for over three decades does provide a vantage point from whence I speak. The appropriate timing by anyone is an aspect that most would rather procure than having all of the skill in the world. If one is able to merge both “timing and skill” then usually that entity finds themselves ahead of the brood. For openers, the premier of Deion Sanders tenure as a rookie head collegiate football coach while landing at a traditional Black conference (in 2020) was a breath of fresh air for a multitude of reasons. Certainly worthy of mentioning was the Southwestern Athletic Conference’s decision for opting to play spring football during the pandemic thus creating a television product for ESPN at a time when most of the remainder of the country had been forced to shut down. This of course created a hunger for live televised football programming at an all-time high (“good timing is more valuable than skill”).

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Roy Foreman - Coach Prime with Shadeur Sanders and Travis Hunter

Coach Prime with big guns QB-Shadeur Sanders and blue chipper Travis Hunter

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