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Legendary Sportscaster and Business Manager

Roy Foreman is regarded as a leading voice in the boxing and entertainment industry which he has served for over 35 years. Roy managed his brother George Foreman through his Championship titles, hosted his own show on Comcast Network for eight years, promoted over 200 fights in the Americas and in Europe. In addition, Roy Was appointed by the US State Department as America’s Ambassador for Sports, served on the US Olympic Boxing Committee, appointed as the Commissioner of Boxing for The Peoples Republic of China. Roy is a board member and founder of numerous philanthropies and youth organizations, was a ringside announcer for HBO sports, and has his own brand of sports apparel “Foreman Gear”.

  • Promoter
  • Media Host
  • Radio & TV Personality
  • Professional Manager
  • Boxing Commentator
  • Sports Ambassador
About Roy Foreman

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Roy Foreman

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